PL/SQL Tutorial for Beginners Part I

We will be covering the following topics in Oracle PL/SQL

1. Introduction to PL/SQL
2. Cursors
3. Exception Handling
4. Stored Procedures
5. Stored Functions
6. Packages
7. Database Triggers
8. Oracle Objects

Procedural Language/ Structured Query Language extends the power and flexibility of SQL by adding the programming constructs of the 3GLs procedural languages.

The features of PLs are Sequence, Iteration, Decision Control.
Hence in PL/SQL we have the variables and datatypes, for loop while loop, if-then-else statement.
Apart from that other important features like Data Encapsulation, Information Hiding, Object Orientation and Exception Handling are also available.

Now we will start with PL/SQL datatypes and variables, operators, PL/SQL blocks followed by loop and decision control statements.